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Shadow Waltz Productions

Long Island's Professional Non-Equity Theater Organization

Songs for a Cure 2011 The goal of Shadow Waltz Productions is to share our love and passion for theater with those in the community. We want to introduce musicals and theater to community members who have had little exposure to many of the classics of the various genres and with those who may not have been able to afford to see such productions on Broadway. It is our goal to preserve the arts by bringing these classics and introducing modern stage musicals and theater in general to the community at large. Our staff consists of experienced theater professionals who have worked both on stage and back stage, and are prepared to showcase large scale, high quality theatrical productions within the community. We are motivated to share our expertise in drama, music, acting, and dance with people of all ages and financial backgrounds, as we plan to make our services affordable. We believe that the inherent power of theater, combined with the collaboration of the community, cast, crew, and its audience members is one that is life changing, and an experience that will never be forgotten. It is also our goal to assist other local charities in the community when possible, by working in conjunction with them to raise both awareness and funds for their various causes.


Music For a CureMusic For a Cure