1998-2002: SUNY/Binghamton University
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Binghamton University - SUNY
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After an exciting four years in EMHS, Scott started the State University of New York at Binghamton (Binghamton University). This page outlines the clubs, activities, and classes that Scott was involved with over his four-\ year college career. Make sure to visit the links provided for more insight.
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Hinman College
Cleveland Hall
Rebecca and Scott
For two years, Scott lived on campus in the Hinman College dormitory quad (in Cleveland Hall). Hinman offers a unique suite living arrangement, a very supportive staff, and a wonderful sense of community. Many of his friends lived on his floor at one point. During his Sophomore year, Scott met Rebecca, who lived down the hall. Thanks, Hinman!
[Hinman College Website]

Hinman Production Company
Hinman College One of the first activities that Scott became involved with as a Freshman was the Hinman Production Company, a student-run community theatre group located in the Hinman Commons. The Hinman Production Company offers a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved in campus theatre without devoting their lives to Mainstage. The HPC family is a dedicated group of students with a long tradition. The Spring 2001 semester is HPC's thirtieth anniversary season, and a special event is being planned!
      For two years, Scott was the President of the Hinman Production Company, and loved working with the E-Board. Scott has also been responsible for the purchase, reconditioning, and installation of lighting equipment; and has been the resident lighting designer since his initial involvement in 1998. HPC's Fall 2001 show was Once Upon A Mattress and the Spring 2002 musical was Hair.
[Hinman Production Company Website]

Dickinson Community Players
Dickinson Dining Hall Similar to the Hinman Production Company is another student-run campus theatre group, Dickinson Community Players. D.C. Players is lucky enough to have an actual stage area and some more professional equipment. Scott was the Technical Director of D.C. Players for two years. He purchased and oversaw the installation of a new lighting system during the Fall 2000 semester. For the first time in four years, Scott was actually in a D.C. Players show! He played the part of "Greg" in last semester's spring's musical, A Chorus Line.
[Dickinson Community Website]

The Binghamton Crosbys
1999 Crosbys The Binghamton Crosbys are Binghamton's only all-male a cappella group. The Crosbys, "SUNY-B's singing ambassadors," are a nationally ranked and renowned organization that performs a wide variety of music. In addition to two major "jamborees" every year, the Crosbys sing at many on- and off-campus events throughout the school year. In January, the Crosbys tour the metropolitan New York area and perform at dozens of schools, hotels, and other venues. Scott had been a part of the Crosbys since his first week in college. He sang Tenor I and was the 2000-2001 Tour/Business Manager. He appears on the Crosbys' album, Songs in the Key of Nishole, as well as the latest hit release, Crosbys 101. Last April the Crosbys advanced to the International Finals of A Cappella at Lincoln Center in New York City, and Scott had the opportunity to sing the solo for one of the songs in the competition set. Being a part of the Crosbys has been an incredible experience that has had a major impact on his college life. To view pictures, videos, and read information on the Crosbys, please see the website listed below.
[The Binghamton Crosbys Website]

Hillel/JSU and Kosher Kitchen
Hillel/JSU One of the most unique dining experiences at Binghamton is the Kosher Kitchen. The Kitchen ("KK") is not just a dining alternative for those wishing to keep kosher - it is a family and a social circle. Being a member requires you to work one two-hour shift per week. For two years, Scott set up the salad bar on Monday mornings. Since he has moved off campus, Scott now has the job of "machines" which takes him half an hour. Scott's claim to fame in the Kosher Kitchen is his menu-board design skills! Known for having the neatest handwriting on this side of the Atlantic, Scott frequently wastes time creating wet-erase masterpieces (LOL) with the menu. It's hard to decide where to sit in the Kitchen because your friends are taking up many tables! Many of the KK members are also Hillel/JSU members; Scott was the Hillel webmaster.
[Hillel/JSU Website]

Harpur College Scott was a History Major in Harpur College of Arts and Sciences. He was also a Management Adjunct (Management Information Systems) with the School of Management. Needless to say, Scott had a lot of requirements to fulfill and was always overloading his already-busy schedule. Scott had been fortunate to have had some wonderful professors at Binghamton who have contributed to his education. As an elective, Scott studied Yiddish with Mr. Jack Weinstein for six semesters. He was also frequently seen around the Theatre and Music Departments, and was in the Theatre 101 Rep Company. He had been the T.A. for Yiddish and a tutor for M.I.S. with the School of Management.
[Harpur College Website]
[History Department Website]
[School of Management Website]
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C. Fred During the Fall 2000 semester, Scott became involved with OCC's J.C. Mentor Program. He interned in the C. Fred Johnson Middle School mentoring fifth graders on the 5-2 Team. In the Spring of 2001, Scott worked as an intern in Kevin Strahley's seventh grade social studies classes. This was a very rewarding experience and Scott recommends the program to anyone.
      In November 2000, Scott had the idea of starting a drama club at the school, since there was no existing extracurricular theater program. The idea was embraced by students and faculty with open arms, and Scott organized the C. Fred Drama Club the next week. Auditions were held over a two week period and You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown was cast with 33 students, in addition to several backstage helpers. Rehearsals went well and the April show was highly received in the community. Scott directed the show and ran the program as an OCC internship during the Spring 2001 semester and ran the Drama Program again during the 2001-2002 school year, directing Oliver! this past spring.
[Binghamton University Off Campus College]
[Johnson City Public Schools Website]
[C. Fred Johnson Middle School Drama Club Information]
[Pictures from "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"]

Tour Guide/Admissions Staff
Academic Complex Scott was hired as a Binghamton University Tour Guide in 2000. He thoght it was the best job on campus and loved giving tours to prospective students and parents. Scott was found touring a few days a week when he had no classes. Scott also designed the university's Parent Relations website for the Alumni Office.
[Binghamton Admissions Website]
[Alumni & Parent Relations Website]

Substitute Teaching
Academic Complex Scott was a substitute teacher for the Binghamton City School District. Although getting called for work at 6:00 AM doesn't sound appealing, Scott loved this job and found it rewarding. He has subbed for a variety of teachers and classes... nearly every class in the district, I think!
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